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Changes were delayed from April 2020 due to Covid-19 Concerns
and implemented in the Summer of 2020 - adjustments were back-dated
to the original Implementation date
Visa Has Many Reductions in Rates that Should Have a
Huge Impact in Reducing Merchant Costs
To Help Illustrate The Numerous Changes the Following Table is provided.

To Download
  1. Your Copy of VISA CANADA Interchange Rates;
  2. A Copy of the Upcoming Changes
Click on the Link;


 Click on "Tools and Downloads"

If You Have received a Notification of a Rate Change by your Processor; PLEASE NOTE;

Visa Rate Changes are Effective April 18th 2020 - click on the link above to view Visa's Website that also includes Upcoming Changes to Rates.

You have rights under the Canadian Code of Conduct to Cancel Your Account without Cancellation Fees or Penalties under certain conditions, See Below;

Processors Are Required to place Notification of Rate Changes on Merchant Statements online, and/or on the Paper Statement sent to you in the mail, so PLEASE CHECK to ensure you have received notification by these and/or other methods.

If you find Your Processor has NOT advised of any rate change, or Has Increased Your Rates By MORE than the increase Made By Visa,  or you have NOT received the FULL reduction by Visa in the rates Notified by Your Processor's; you may be able to Cancel Your Agreement without Penalties Including Lease Agreements for Equipment, as per the Canadian Code of Conduct; but You MUST advise Your Processor PRIOR To the Change Taking Effect and get set up elsewhere to avoid any Interruption of service.

The Link to the Canadian Code of Conduct is;


See POLICY ELEMENTS Sections 1,2,3

You can Start a Bid on this site and select another Processor but you MUST ACT QUICKLY to Ensure your Facility is set up.